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Keystone Meats Lima Lineage

Our Meat Packing Roots Stretch Back Well Over 100 Years!

Lima Packing Company Factory

The Lima Packing Company was founded in 1898, providing meat products for the surrounding community. In 1906, Hoegner & Cantieny Inc. started a rival meat processing business in the same city. Decades later, Raymond L. Dorley got his start as a cattle buyer for the Lima Packing Company.

In 1948, a portion of Hoegner & Catiney was purchased by an employee and the name was changed to Catiney-Strawn. In 1954, Raymond L. Dorley left the Lima Packing Company, where he had been a partner, to become the vice president of Catienty-Strawn. He rebranded the company as the Pride of Lima Provision Co.

Due to the success of the Pride of Lima Provision Co., the Lima Packing Company closed its doors in 1957. By the early 1960's, under Dorley's leadership, the Pride of Lima Provision Co. was processing 200 cattle and 300 hogs a week.

In 1964, the Dorley family joined with other investors to start their own company, and formed Keystone Brand Meats.