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About Keystone Meats

A Family Tradition ... Four Generations Strong!

A Rich History.
Our story began in Lima, Ohio when lifelong beef cattle farmer Raymond L. Dorley welcomed his son, Raymond B. Dorley, home from World War II. Looking to pass along his cattle expertise and provide new opportunity for young Raymond’s life at home, father and son opened a meat packing company called “The Pride of Lima.” Here they processed cattle that they raised on their own family farm and provided meats and provisions to Lima and the surrounding area under the brand “Lima Keystone Products.”

Their dedication to quality was passed along to the next generation when Raymond’s young son Dave took over as Owner/Operator of the business now known as “Keystone Meats” in 1977. Raised on the family farm and in the business, Dave was eager to expand Keystone’s product lines and make them available to a larger region. So he upgraded the operation to USDA standards and built a small cannery producing canned meats that were hand packed and cooked in small batches, as well as broths. The new cannery allowed the Dorleys to offer their quality meats with the added convenience of being fully cooked and recipe-ready.

The Family Tradition Continues.
As the popularity of Keystone Canned Meats grew, Dave’s son Pete Dorley joined the business as the 4th generation Owner/Operator. Pete also grew up in the family business and he came back with a vision to serve a bigger market, while staying true to their roots of providing hand crafted all natural meats produced in small batches. He, along with Dave, continue to operate their USDA Beef Processing Facility, Butcher Shop and growing Cannery in Lima, Ohio. Keystone Canned Meats, Broths and newly added Soup Bases are now available at retailers throughout the United States.

Keystone Canned Meats–A Small Batch Craft Original.
Maintaining the family tradition of providing all natural quality products starts with lean USDA meat that is selected, cut and packed by hand and adding only a dash of sea salt for flavor. All meats are slow cooked in the can to maintain their natural juices and maximize flavor. The result is perfectly cooked, all natural lean and tender meats with no added ingredients or preservatives.

Recipe Ready for a Reason.
Our family has always valued sitting together for a meal, but we know that busy schedules can make this challenging. Keystone brings the convenience of fully-cooked meat to your favorite family recipes, reducing prep time while providing delicious flavor. So you can bring your family back to the table for a healthy and convenient home cooked meal.